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As well as farming our own land, we farm over 1,300 acres on stubble-to-stubble contracts and provide single contract services to local farmers in the area.


Parker Farm’s combination of attention to detail, timing of operations, agronomic expertise, precision farming software and the use of up to date and modern equipment, ensures that we maximise the gross margin of our land-owning clients; whilst keeping the environment at the forefront of our approach at all times.

Even though we are heading down the route of regenerative farming on a lot of our own land, we also farm a good proportion with root crops in rotation that requires a more conventional approach. Whether land owners are looking at regenerative farming or prefer to remain with the plough, our large selection of modern equipment allows us to remain adaptable to be able to provide whatever approach our clients require.


Please see below for a list of contract services we provide:

  • Direct drilling

  • Ploughing

  • Primary and secondary cultivations

  • Spraying

  • Fertiliser spreading

  • Mowing

  • Hedge cutting

  • Combine harvesting

  • Carting

  • Groundscare

We are always keen to liaise with both land-owners and land-agents to discuss what we can offer to them or their clients. If you are interested in discussing this further with the team, please contact Will Parker on 07442504480.

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